Scholarship1The Tomlinson Middle School PTA awards several scholarships to our Tomlinson students. Here is a list of the donations/scholarships we support each year:

  • The Principal's Scholarship Fund: a large sum of moneys is awarded the Tomlinson school to subsidize for the funding of students' field trips throughout the year
  • High School Scholarship Fund: this scholarship is awarded to graduating high school students who were previously Tomlinson students and plan to further their education.
  • Donation to the Mill River Wetland Committee:  The Tomlinson Middle School PTA makes a donation to the Mill River Wetland Committee each year to help purchase lab equipment.
  • Dora Wheeler Scholarship is administered through the Fairfield PTA Council and is awarded to a graduating senior who plans to have a career in the field of teaching. The Tomlinson Middle School PTA helps fund this scholarship in conjunction with all the Fairfield Public School PTAs. Ms. Wheeler was the founder of the Fairfield PTA Council.
  • The Tomlinson Middle School PTA also makes donations to the Fairfield Foundation for Education and SEPTA.