Students/School Support/Grants


On the first day of school, the Tomlinson Middle School PTA provides each student at Tomlinson a copy of a school year planner for tracking homework, projects and extracurricular activities.  Throughout the year, please make sure your child makes use of the planner and support his or her daily use to develop good time management and organizational skills.


The Grants program is designed to further enhance Tomlinson school by providing staff members with the opportunity to acquire additional resource material for both curricular and student activities.  The PTA grants fund is allocated in two separate budget categories: Teacher Activities and Student Activities. The purpose of the program is to generate a pool of ideas and to fund as many as possible, across all levels and disciplines, up to the budgeted amount.  Grants can be applied for by individual teachers, a grade level, a community, or on a school-wide basis.  Grants are awarded once a year.


Three or four times a year, this committee beatifies the Tomlinson school inside and outside with decorations, landscaping and spring/fall clean-ups.  Prior to the school year, or before Open House, flowers are replaced in urns and pots inside and outside the school.  The auditorium is decorated for the holiday season prior to the Winter concerts with wreaths, lights & ribbons.  In the spring, crews comprised of volunteer parents clean up & decorate the landscape with fresh flowers & mulch.


The Library Media Center Resource program provides parents the opportunity to see your children at work.  Organized and scheduled by PTA committee chair(s),  volunteers help with the basic library maintenance tasks, such as shelving and checking out books.


Jointly conceived by PTA leaders, TMS Principal Anthony Formato, Library Media Center staff, and teachers who specialize in language arts and reading, the Summer Reading Book Swap event is designed to put at least one ability-appropriate book in the hands of every TMS student for summer reading.  The purpose of the book swap is to facilitate and encourage summer reading by giving each student a book regardless of whether he or she donates a book.  The PTA provides extra funding for the purchase of additional books in the event it is necessary to augment donations.